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 David McNab

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PostSubject: David McNab   Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:59 pm

"We'll be back next as we have an agreement" and we don't care if you lose money, season ticket holders, or finish in last place, is bascially what McNab is saying. Oh and by the way our coach did a fantastic job and if you want a good team you pay for the free agents.

What an attitude. Why didn't he and Anaheim have the guts to tell Howard this before Howard signed with them last year?

No mention of putting a winning team here next year or bringng in free agents to create a winner that their players can learn what its like to win.

I for one will take a wait and see approach on renewing 2 season tickets and parking till September 2011. If it looks like the same old s#$t team as this year I will not renew until Anaheim leaves. I can always take a year off and with the money I spent on the 2 season tickets, parking, concessions, etc, go to a couple of SU football games, a couple of SU basketball games, and the same with lacrosse. And also check out the new minor league baseketball team and the new minor league soccer team (before each fold).

I am not going to sit thru 40 games of what I saw this past year. It was no fun going to the War Memorial for games. In the past I always looked forward to the games. Not this past year.

Thanks McNab and Anaheim. Take your know it all attitude to some other city. Who cares if minor league hockey takes a major league hit while your the parent team. You can always find another minor league city to stick it too.
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PostSubject: Re: David McNab   Mon Apr 04, 2011 10:41 pm

You know, that's been one of my complaints all year. It's not the losing, we are used to that. It's not the absence of the playoffs, though we'd love to be in. It's the complete disregard for the fans that the Ducks have displayed.

I completely understand the role of an AHL team in the grand scheme of things. We are here for their success. To breed top notch players for the NHL club. I get that. But the Ducks have completely sucked the atmosphere out of our building and show no remorse for it. Somehow in addition to the players, the Oncenter, Crunch staff and the fans have become property of Anaheim as well. Not only is winning unimportant at this level, so is the success of Howard's business and the good times of paying customers. Lose us fans, Howard loses his business and the Ducks lose their affiliate. However they are so cocky, they cannot see past total control far enough to understand that this is a partnership on all levels.
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David McNab
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