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 Tonight against Bingo

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PostSubject: Tonight against Bingo   Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:23 pm

Well, this should be very interesting. A REAL test of whether the team has really learned how to win or just got lucky and let Emery lead them down that path for a couple games. If history is any idicator, they will go back to their old ways. Probably play a decent fist period with some big hits, then get lazy in the second, and panic in the third trying to get it back again and finally just give up halfway through the third. I hope to hell that Im wrong and they have really figured out what it takes to win and be proud of how they played. The barn had a whole different feel Saturday. The players seemed to be enjoying playing and the fans were having a good time. I even heard a couple goalie chants loud enough for the goalie to hear it. I would certainly expect Bingo to out physical tonight but hopefully there will be enough coconuts amongst the players to give it back in spades (not the little ballet that Salters has been offering lately). Any bets on how this will play out over the next couple games?
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PostSubject: LeClarie   Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:58 pm

Maybe he'll have his usual groin pull and not play
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PostSubject: 5 goals in the 3rd?????   Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:10 am

How the **** does a hockey team let in 5 goals in one period let alone the 3rd.
I Know that we are one of the worst teams in the league but where is rock bottom???
Are we going to lose 12-2 tomorrow???
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PostSubject: Re: Tonight against Bingo   Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:14 am

Well...Unfortunately I wasnt far off. They played awesome professional hockey for exactly 40 minutes and then skidded to a halt and quit. Whatever Holick told them in the locker room sure backfired. I would assume that he told them to please stop banging into the other teams players or else someone was going to get hurt. Toward the end of the game Lebler even had a chance to go but backed off, tucked his tail and went away. At the end of the second I turned to the guy sitting next to me and told him it was a bad thing that they were leading because when they lead after 2 they pretty much always lose. They can only play hockey for 40 minutes and they just are NOT going to play more than that Here's hoping they stock up on maxi pads tomorrow night and can put just a LITTLE more effort into the game.
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PostSubject: Re: Tonight against Bingo   Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:22 pm

This is just another showing that this team has no heart. After you let them tie the game in the third you sure as hell send out Lebler and tell him to get it started. Instead they just gave up 3 more goals and skated off the ice not caring. I am so sick of this team and the lack of effort and lack of physical play. If they just forfeited the last few games of the season I would be content with that.
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Posts : 44
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Join date : 2010-09-12

PostSubject: Re: Tonight against Bingo   Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:49 pm

You just KNEW it was going to happen. This team doesnt get off to a 4-2 lead and keep it. It was just a matter of how and when they were going to die. You could watch them wilt right on cue in the third. It was so sudden and complete that it was just like it was planned that way. I cant WAIT to see how bad they blow it tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: Tonight against Bingo   

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Tonight against Bingo
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